The ADCC is pleased to announce our list of finalists for the 2017 ADCC Student Competition. This year’s student competition judges have selected 43 award-winning entries. These winning entries will be presented in our awards annual, on the ADCC Archive, and live at our show in November where the medal winners will be announced.

Gold and Silver winners will be announced live at our Directions 2017 Awards Show on November 2, 2017 in Toronto.

The following entries and students are finalists in the 2017 ADCC Student Competition.


MUBI – Don’t Settle for a Rotten Apple
Jasper Hilgers – Alberta College of Art + Design

Splenda ginger bread man.
Daniel DeBacker- Humber College

Moleskine Smart Writing Set
Laura Cordova, Sam Ramsay & James Shortly – Humber College

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Buzz
Mathew Levinson – Humber College

Orthodontist Ads
Monica Leck – Humber College

Google Rescue
Aleksandra Kozakiewicz & Sara Divinski – Mohawk College

Fire Escape
Amelia Pley – Mohawk College

Brennen Robinson & Cullen McDougall – Mohawk College

Chandelle King & Reza Antonio – Mohawk College

The Wildest Beer in the West
Devin Bruun, Sheldon Werdekker & Ian Flynn – Mohawk College

Spotify – Soundtrack Your Day
Elysse Stephan & Kendra Spurgeon – Mohawk College

Black Flag Bug Zapper
Graham Allen & Ian Flynn – Mohawk College

Adobe Beginnings
Harleen Dorka, Katherine Donner & Sarah Young – Mohawk College

Unplugged Workshop
Jesse Bout & Jack Preston – Mohawk College

Little League World Series VR
Nathen Ping & Devin Bruun – Mohawk College

Garden Life
Nicole Toope & Courtney Ferron – Mohawk College

Second Harvest: First Aid for the Needy
Jun Sheng Yong – OCAD University



Confession Ale
Brody Campbell – Conestoga College

Colaesce Coffee Co
Chris Minielly – Conestoga College

Off the Hook
Jessica Spencer & Benji Sahinovic – Conestoga College

Visuals of Geneology
Sara Wong – Conestoga College

Aesop Rock Gig Poster
William Gallant – Holland College

Grace Walker – OCAD University

Shimizu Sake
Michelle Zhen – OCAD University

4-unit Egg Packaging
Feilin Fu – OCAD University

Lush Bath Bomb
Yisu Yu & Katrina Rodgers – OCAD University

Emi Sato – School of Design, George Brown College

Botanic + Garden
Esther Sunghee Byun – School of Design, George Brown College

Hume Cosmetics
Hana Lee – School of Design, George Brown College

Changing Waves
Laurel Benzaquen – School of Design, George Brown College

Only Human Application
Matthew Ahn – School of Design, George Brown College

Show Me the Green
Natasha Tenggoro – University of Toronto


Doctors Shocked
Sara Wong – Conestoga College

Laura McMullan – School of Design, George Brown College

Hank & Dee
Laurel Benzaquen – School of Design, George Brown College

PALAYOK: Filipino Cuisine
Peter Elima – University of Alberta



The Awakening
Michael Romaniuk – McMaster University

Trump’s Tearrible Wall
Maddie Rosenberg, Evelyne Wyss, Runda Dong – Miami Ad School

#fakenews 2017 Pandemic
Jasmine June Leung – OCAD University

Emi Sato – School of Design, George Brown College

Eunice Joaquin – School of Design, George Brown College

Mohit Gupta – York University / Sheridan College

City or Suburbs?
Sarah Wong – York University / Sheridan College


Many thanks to this year’s Student Competition judging panel for their time and expertise.

2017 Student Judging Panel

Graham Ameron – SapientRazorfish
Joel Arbez – GREY
Lisa Greenberg – Leo Burnett, Toronto
Gilbert Li – The Office of Gilbert Li
Jeff MacEachern – TAXI
Stéphane Monnet – Monnet Design
Andrew Simon – Edelman
Laura Stein – Sid Lee