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The Beer Fridge

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From 2014-2016, Molson Canadian’s Beer Fridge travelled quite a bit, bringing a little bit of Canadiana (along with some beer) all over the country and the world.

We spoke with Mike Dubrick and Joel Holtby at Rethink about the concept and evolution of The Beer Fridge.


Mike: “We were looking for moments when you feel the most Canadian. And while there are a lot of obvious pride points, we really loved that feeling you get when you’re not in Canada. I think we’ve all had that feeling when we’re away from home and we meet a fellow Canadian, or see something Canadian. We’re just drawn to it.”


Mike: “The fridge is really a vehicle for us to show Canadians at their best. Whether it’s our reputation overseas, our anthem, or our diversity, the beer fridge is about letting Canadians shine and be proud of how good we’ve got it here. It’s not about flashy tech. Tech is just the inevitable way to bring the idea to life.”

Technological Challenges

Mike: “Each fridge took 1-3 months to build and they all posed their own unique challenges. It’s a beast. It’s actually heavy on purpose so that it won’t tip over if people pull hard on the door.

For Passport, it was the first time it had been done, so we had to figure everything out from scratch – but the Global Beer Fridge was probably the most complex. The fridge was wifi enabled and actually converted the voice to text, uploaded it to the cloud, translated it, and delivered the response back to the fridge – all in six seconds. The technology for that specific fridge was brand new and pushed the limits of the software at the time. We couldn’t have done that without the great partnership we have with Google.”

Passport Beer Fridge

Joel: “The fridge has been all over the world. Initially the UK, France, and Belgium, but it’s been to Russia, Ireland, Brazil, the United States and many more. We even had the ambassador in Washington ask if it could be on display in the embassy.”

The Beer Fridge – O Canada

Joel: “The key for participants to open the fridge here was all about melody – they had to nail the right pitch and tone, but there was a little leeway. We’re nice Canadians after all.”

Global Beer Fridge

Joel: “This was actually a learning piece of tech, so as people speak into the fridge it learns and updates more and more languages. We partnered with Google to bring it to life. The fridge was its own hotspot so it was able to upload languages to the internet in real-time.”

The Beer Fridge

Passport Beer Fridge
GOLD – Advertising – Out of Home Enhanced, Single
GOLD – Advertising – Ambient, Single
GOLD – Interactive Media – Digital Installations
SILVER – Advertising Broadcast – TV Single, 30 Seconds
MERIT – Graphic Design – Environmental Design

The Beer Fridge – O Canada
SILVER – Interactive Miscellaneous – Innovative Use of Technology
SILVER – Interactive Advertising – Digital Installation
SILVER – Advertising – Out of Home Enhanced, Single
SILVER – Advertising – Experiential, Single
MERIT – Advertising Broadcast – TV Single, 60 Seconds or More

Global Beer Fridge
GOLD – Interactive Advertising – Digital Installation
SILVER – Interactive Miscellaneous – Innovative Use of Technology