In 1949 the adcc put on the first advertising & design awards show in canada

ADCC Awards

Over 60 years of winning memories to inspire the next generation.

Directions: An Annual Awards Show

The awards show, known as Directions, is acknowledged as the premiere creative awards show in Canada. The accompanying printed annual, stands as the document of record of the best work each year. Be sure to join the entrants from across Canada in Advertising Broadcast & Print, Graphic Design, Editorial Design and Interactive Media who will compete in next year’s show!

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The Scarlet Letter Award

The Advertising & Design Club of Canada’s five major awards:

  • Agency of the Year
  • Design Agency of the Year
  • Design Studio of the Year
  • Interactive Agency of the Year
  • Production Company of the Year

The ADCC determines winners by using a points system – calculating all points for the number of golds, silvers and merits that an agency, studio or production company received. Whereas our Directions awards celebrate the individuals responsible for the creative, these exclusive prizes recognize the collective company for achieving excellence.

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The Les Usherwood Award

Each year, the ADCC, on behalf of a jury of independent professionals, presents a lifetime achievement award to someone who has made a major contribution to the Canadian creative community. This award is named for a man who was a friend and model to many: Les Usherwood.

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The Michael O’reilly Award

Good writing is rare so good writers deserve recognition. The ADCC’s yearly copywriting award is named for Michael O’Reilly, one of the best we’ve known. We created the Michael O’Reilly Copywriting Award in honour of the talent, dedication, and generosity he brought to this profession.

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The Mick Griffin Award

To the audience, editors are invisible storytellers, conjuring together narrative, sound, and vision with a skillfulness of craft that could easily be mistaken for wizardry. The ADCC’s award for Editing is named after Mick Griffin, in honour of one of the best editors our industry has ever produced.

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The Student Competition

The ADCC and our prestigious creative awards show inspire future generations of creative professionals, and on our 60th anniversary we decided to tackle that task a little more directly. Each year, along with the Directions Award Show, the ADCC will recognize and award the absolute best student work through a variety of categories, including: Advertising, Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Interactive Media.

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