The Les Usherwood Award

Each year, the ADCC, on behalf of a jury of independent professionals, presents a lifetime achievement award to someone who has made a major contribution to the Canadian creative community. This award is named for a man who was a friend and model to many: Les Usherwood.

Les studied in Kent, England and started his career there as a hand lettering artist. He came to Toronto in 1957 and was employed by top Canadian firms until he and David Thomason started Typsettra Ltd. in 1968. Over the course of his career, Les created 211 new fonts including Denby and, of special celebrity, Caxton.

Les was a pleasure to know; his work was superb, his ethics spotless. He was a skilled craftsman, an innovator, a calm soul in a hectic business.

Les Usherwood died at age 51 in 1983. In 1983 the ADCC was entrusted to present this award in honour of his talent, professionalism, and generosity as a colleague and friend.

Past Recipients