Rising Stars 2023

This year's Rising Stars

The ADCC’s Rising Stars awards recognize emerging creative talent across talent.


This year’s judges have selected two winners – one from Advertising, one from Design:


—Hayley Lim, Designer

—Olga Netaeva, Art Director


See their work below.

Hayley Lim is an Art Director and Designer, living and working in Montreal. Working across a variety of disciplines, including branding, advertising, illustration, experience, album design and more, her work is strategic, conceptual and always has a little bit of attitude. A self-taught designer, she started her career as an Art Director after graduating from McGill University in 2017 with a business degree. She has worked at various agencies and studios such as &Walsh, Ogilvy, Rethink and Cossette. She currently works at Studio Baillat.

Hayley Lim


With the background in design, Olga started her career in advertising when she was only 21. For some reason, that makes everyone “wow” as she’s always the youngest in the team (but not the weakest! ;)). Being in love with art since her early ages, she transformed her interest into a creative career that allows her to create beautiful work for the brands and push the limits. Olga is excited about creating meaningful work that changes perception and has a big impact. In 2023, only on the 3rd year of her art direction career, she has been ranked as #1 Art Director at The One Show, having won multiple awards for the Missing Matoaka project, an idea that fights the stereotypes towards Indigenous Women and is set to transform the future, which is a pure answer to why Olga loves advertising. And even beyond the work, Olga’s attitude is something that makes it different. She’s always up for the challenge and excited about every big (and small) opportunity. Not to say she’s been winning the internal appreciation awards on her every first year in every company she worked at.

Olga Netaeva

Art Director